Utilizing Audience Measurement & Face Detection

This article will detail enabling and utilizing the integrated audience measurement features of the RevelDigital player for Android.

Audience measurement utilizes a camera to detect the age and gender of the viewers of your digital signage as well as basic counting (impressions) and dwell time (duration of visit). This data is totally anonymous and in no way is able to determine or track individuals. This data can be utilized in several different ways including:

  • Real time tuning of your playlists based on current audience makeup using Smart Scheduling
  • Analyzing your audience using our integrated AdHawk reporting tools
  • Custom template actions via script based on real time audience data

The RevelDigital player app contains all the necessary functionality to enable audience measurement. A camera is required and may already be integrated into your hardware if using our RKM player. Most any USB camera should work fine but must be compatible with the Android OS.

Follow these steps to enable audience measurement on your device:

Step 1 - Enable Audience Analytics in your player settings

Open settings by holding Shift then F12


Step 2 - Select which camera to use if more than one camera attached to device


Restart the player app and you will now be collecting audience data.

Step 3 (Optional) - Use Smart Scheduling to trigger content

The easiest method of dynamically tuning your playlist content is using Smart Scheduling to add various conditions to your playlist sources. To add a Smart Schedule condition edit a your playlist and double click on any media source. Then click the Schedule tab and select from any of the When conditions. You will see a number of conditions specifically targeting the audience measurement data.


Step 4 (Optional) - Analyze your audience with AdHawk reporting tools

AdHawk is what we call our collection of real-world sensor technologies integrated into the RevelDigital platform including beacons, motion detectors, and of course the camera. The data collected by these sensors is available on the AdHawk tab on your RevelDigital account page.

Devices in your account will need to be switched to an AdHawk enabled service level in order to see the live data. Edit the device you wish to collect data with then click the Service Level button on right right hand side of the page. Chose one of the Plus service levels to activate AdHawk.


Once enabled your device will be available on the AdHawk tab for reporting. Audience measurement will provide data on age, gender, dwell time, and number of impressions.


For more information or help with configuration please contact us or live chat with our support team.