Using RSS galleries from Flickr, Picasa, Google+ & more

By using the RSS Feed source in Playlists you can import images and video from 3rd party sites like Flickr, Picasa, Google+, etc. Most 3rd party sites provide an RSS link or url associated with your galleries which needs to be copied into the RSS Feed source. Let's take Picasa as an example:

Login to Picasa and a select an image gallery


Click on the RSS link and copy the RSS url from your browser address bar. The RSS url will look something like this:

Now login to your RevelDigital account and edit a multimedia or image playlist. Click to add a new source and select RSS Feed.


Paste the copied RSS url into the source text box


That's it! Now save the Playlist and your done.

Of course other sites like Flickr will have different methods of accessing the RSS url. If you get stuck just post a question in Discussions and we'll help you out.