Mobile Driven Signage

The following is for Android based player hardware only.

RevelDigital has created a basic framework that allows for remote control of your digital signage using most any mobile device. There are four main components:

  • Template gadget the provides a carousel of 'selectable' content
  • Media Gallery zone for currently playing content
  • Template gadget for communication with the mobile device
  • Mobile app providing the remote control


This is a fairly customizable solution but is provided more as a proof-of-concept for what's possible.

Step 1 - Generate your Developer API Key

Open your account information page and locate the API Access section on the right hand side


Click the button to generate a key. Save the key for later use.

Step 2 - Create the Carousel Playlist

The carousel will display a revolving slideshow of images which provide the viewer with a preview of available content. Each image in the slideshow will need to correspond with a video or other media item.

Upload any number of images and assign them each a simple, unique name.

Create a new 'Slideshow Playlist' and add the images to it. Save the name of this playlist for later use.

Step 3 - Create the Media Gallery Playlist

This playlist is used for the Media Gallery zone and will display the selected content.

Upload any media you wish to include in the playlist. Make sure the names of these media items match the names of the images in the carousel slideshow playlist exactly!

Create a new 'Multimedia Playlist' and add the media to it.

Step 4 - Add the Carousel Gadget to your Template

Add a Google Gadget zone to your template and enter this URL for the Gagdet Source:

Fill in the API Key parameter saved from earlier and the Playlist name parameter. The playlist name should be the carousel slideshow playlist name from earlier.

Accept the gadget settings.

Step 5 - Add a Media Gallery zone to your Template

Add a Media Gallery zone to your template and assign it the content playlist from earlier.

Step 6 - Add the Messenger Gadget to your Template

The Messenger gadget ties everything together and communicates with the mobile remote control app. It also displays what has been selected for play by the viewer.

Add a Google Gadget zone to your template and enter this URL for the Gagdet Source:

Fill in the API Key parameter saved from earlier.

Change the name of this zone Movie Queue

Step 7 - Add some scripting to your Template

Open the RevelScript editor in your template from the Gear menu icon and paste the following script:

import java.util.List;
import android.util.*;
import java.util.Iterator;
import com.reveldigital.player.api.*;

Movie_Queue.addOnCallbackListener(new OnCallbackListener() {
    onCallback(String[] args) {

setSource(String name) {
    Iterator it = Media_Gallery_1.getPlaylist().getSources();
    while (it.hasNext()) {
        Source s =;
        if (s.getFile().getName().equals(name)) {

Step 8 - Add QR Code to your Template

The QR Code will provide the link the mobile remote control.

Add a new QR Code zone to your template add the following to the Coded Text field:<<YOUR API KEY HERE>>&up_regkey=*|DEVICE.REGISTRATIONKEY|*&up_playlist=<<YOUR MEDIA GALLERY PLAYLIST NAME>>&synd=open

Replace the text <<YOUR API KEY>> and <<YOUR MEDIA GALLERY PLAYLIST NAME>> with the values from earlier.

Step 9 - Deploy

Now schedule your template and try it out! Scanning the QR code should present a list of available titles matching those in your carousel playlist. Selecting one will shuffle the carousel to your selection and begin playback in the media gallery zone.