Merge Tags

Merge tags allow for data to be dynamically injected into various places throughout the RevelDigital platform. We provide a list of text tags which can be placed in playlists and template module fields which then get substituted at runtime with their data based equivalents.

A good example of this functionality can be demonstrated with the template weather module. Create a template and add a weather zone. Double click on the zone and uncheck the 'Use Device Location' box. Now enter the following into the 'Location' field: *|DEVICE.LOCATION.POSTALCODE|*.


This is functionally identical to 'Use Device Location'. When the template gets deployed to your player devices, the device postal code will be automatically substituted into the 'Location' field. This means each player will be displaying their own location specific weather without having to customize multiple templates.

Merge tags can be placed just about any place you might find them useful including marquee playlists and template modules (text area, weather, web, etc).


You can use any number of merge tags in the same field and may also mix them in with other text. This functionality allows for more generic templates, simplified playlist management, and the ability to create more dynamic and engaging content.

The following merge tags are currently available:


Global merge tag variables can also be defined in the device tags. For example, if we add the tag City=Fargo,ND to a device, we would be able to access that tag in a merge tag variable as *|VAR.CITY|*.