Google Gadgets Howto

"Google Gadgets are simple HTML and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in webpages and other apps." -- Click here for more info

RevelDigital supports embedding gadgets into your own digital signage templates allowing you to take advantage of the literally thousands of publicly available open source gadgets. Click here to see the gadget gallery. You can even create your own gadgets using the Google tools and develop a library of custom gadget content.

To add gadget content to your template just follow these steps:

Step 1. Locate a gadget you would like to use

Browse Google's library of gadgets and select one that interests you. For this example I've chosen the Stock Portfolio by Macroaxis


Step 2. Copy the gadget source URL

Click the view source link which will display the XML definition for this gadget.


We need to copy the URL to this XML file so select and copy the text in your browser address bar.


Step 3. Add gadget to your RevelDigital template

Now login to RevelDigital and create or edit a template. Add a new Google Gadget zone to the template.


Then double click to edit properties for this zone.

Here is where you need to paste the previously copied gadget URL:


Once the URL is pasted you will see properties specific to the gadget show up. These are for customizing the gadget functionality and/or appearance. Each gadget will have it's own unique set of properties or maybe none at all.

When you are happy with the gadget configuration click 'Accept' to close the dialog and then preview the template.


You should now see your new gadget exactly as it will appear on your signage! Now just save the template and deploy to your signs.