Google Docs Integration (Menu Board)

Among the various methods the RevelDigital platform provides for updating content, the Google Docs integrations have been the most popular. This article will detail an example of using Google Spreadsheets to manage your menu board.

Google Spreadsheets provides an easy way to manage your menu board content. Anyone with a Google account can create a new spreadsheet and easily link it to their RevelDigital template.

Create your own Google Spreadsheet

First things first, you'll need a Google account. Go to and create a new account if you don't already have one.

Next you'll need to copy our example spreadsheet and make it your own. Click the following link to open the example:

Click the 'File' menu item and select 'Make a copy...' to create a copy of the spreadsheet for yourself:

At this point you should be working with your own copy of the spreadsheet which you can freely modify. For now though let's keep it as is and work on getting the menu up and running.

Now we need to generate a link to be used by your RevelDigital template. Click the 'Collaborate' menu item and select 'Publish as a web page':

Click the 'Start publishing' button and choose the following options:

Make sure CSV is selected and copy the link highlighted in red and save it because we'll need it for your RevelDigital template.

At this point we're all done with the Google side of things. You should have a copy of the menu spreadsheet in your own Google account, the spreadsheet should be published to the web, and you should have a copy of the published link. Now we can configure the RevelDigital template!

Configure the RevelDigital template

Login to your RevelDigital account and click 'Templates' then click 'Template Gallery' on the left side. You'll need to select 'Menu 2' and copy the template into your account:

Locate the copied template in your 'Templates' folder and open the template in design mode. Click the floppy disk icon and select 'RevelScript Editor':

Replace the URL in the script with your own previously copied Google spreadsheet URL. Make sure you keep the beginning and ending quotes around the URL:

Congratulations! Just schedule the template to play on any of your devices and you have a Googlized menu:

From now on any changes to your Google spreadsheet will be reflected in your menu without having to login to RevelDigital. For changes to take effect immediately make sure you 'Republish' your Google spreadsheet:

Feel free to alter the template any way you see fit by changing the background image, playlists, etc. Just make sure the template has a Rich Text zone matching the zone name in the Google spreadsheet.

Implementation notes:

  • The spreadsheet columns should not be moved or renamed.
  • The 'Zone' column must match the name of a Rich Text zone in your template.
  • The 'DO NOT REMOVE' column must exist as the last column and can NOT be empty.

Remember, this is just one example of how Google can be integrated into your signage. Feel free to experiment on your own!