Google Calendar Integration

This article will step through a sample integration with Google Calendar.

Step 1: Open or create an existing Google Calendar

Browse to and create or edit a calendar.

Step 2: Find and copy the calendar link

Open the calendar settings:


Copy your Calendar ID, just the ID itself as shown in the picture below:


Step 3: Create a calendar gadget in your RevelDigital template


Select the Calendar Events Gadget


Step 4: Double click on the gadget to edit the gadget properties and paste the link from Step 2 into the Google Calendar ID box


At this point you may also want to modify the styles for the calendar content. This can always be done later.

Click the Accept button to save the zone properties and click the Preview button (green play icon) on the template designer to ensure your settings are correct.


That's It!

Now just save your template and schedule your template to play. Any modifications to the calendar data will automatically be reflected in your signage within 30 minutes.