Amazon Echo Integration

With our Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo it's possible to send commands and determine the status of any player in your RevelDigital account. This KB article will outline the steps necessary to create a Smart Schedule tied to a specific Alexa command.

Step 1 - Link your Echo to your RevelDigital account

Assuming you have already registered your Echo to your Amazon account, you can then enable the Revel Digital Skill. Search the Skills marketplace for Revel Digital or use this direct link

Enabling the skill will require that you login to your Revel Digital account to link the accounts together.

Step 2 - Create a Smart Schedule to trigger your voice activated content

Login to your Revel Digital account and go to the Schedules tab. Create a new Smart Schedule. The schedule should use a Command for the When condition. The command name should be alexa with the command argument as any word or phrase you wish to use to trigger the content. For example, the phrase "Ask my signage to show weather on lobby screen" would send a command named 'alexa' to the player named 'lobby screen' with the command argument 'weather'.


You can set the priority of this schedule to High in order to interrupt any currently running content. Update your devices to ensure the new schedule is running.

Step 3 - Try It! That's really all there is to creating a custom trigger for Alexa. More complex scenarios are possible via scripting but that's another topic altogether.

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