Automatic Billing

Any account can be configured for automatic billing which simplifies payment processing and provides a history of previous payments. Accounts with Google TV or Android devices are required to enroll in automated billing after the trial period has expired which is 30 days after account creation. Statements are available online and invoices are emailed immediately after billing. Billing occurs on the 1st of the month.

Enroll in automatic billing by clicking Billing Information menu item.


Enter your billing address and credit card information then click the 'Accept Changes' button. After a test transaction confirms the information your account will be enrolled in automatic billing.

At any time you can check the Next Billing Amount and Next Billing On date by referencing the information on the right side of the billing page.


Click the blue icon adjacent to Next Billing Amount to see a breakdown of your current account charges.

Players can be removed from billing at any time by clicking the Deactive This Device button on the device details page.


Devices can be reactivated at any time.

Failed payments will generate an email notification to the card holder. Accounts more than 2 months overdue will automatically revert all device to inactive.